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Client reviews

Learning how to construct financial models and conduct DCF analyses has been vital to my job. I am much more proficient at my job and able to take on new challenging projects as a result of the CFI training courses!
The excel-based courses helped me gain a better qualitative understanding of the everyday functions/formulas one uses, such as data validation, what-if analyses, and completing repetitive tasks via F4, to name a few. I am a more informed excel user because of my experience with CFI.
Our goal was to find online training that fit the level of expertise our associates already had and offered lessons for advanced growth. The demo CFI provided gave us confidence in their courses and allowed us to create a tailored solution specific to our needs.
Two months after my certification I created a metric package for my department using many of the CFI templates that I was able to obtain through my studies. The metric package was well received and got many compliments on the format and content.
CFI helped me to understand the overall finance industry and also to improve my technical skills. The courses definitely enhanced my knowledge in building financial models and I sometimes visit again to refresh my memory.

Why choose CFI for Teams?

Finance isn’t simple, and we don’t all start jobs with the same level of experience.
Our corporate training program will fill any pre-existing knowledge gaps and teach the most in-demand industry skills. From accounting to financial modeling training, CFI programs cover everything your finance teams need.

Skills gap assessment

Whether it is finance, accounting, financial modeling, or valuation, identify your employees’ knowledge and competency gaps with our unique skills gap assessment.

Learning path identification

Build financial literacy for employees and create a customized learning plan to meet your training goals.

Flexible online corporate training

Complete training in a timeframe that’s convenient for your employees and your organization.
PowerPoint for Finance

Practical application

Give your employees Excel & PowerPoint skills that can be applied on the job right away.

Who is CFI corporate training for?

CFI’s finance program is for new hires or experienced staff and includes courses for both non-financial managers and financial professionals. The learning outcomes of the corporate training program include:

Non-finance managers

  • Explain the structure and key elements of the three financial statements
  • Discuss how financial statements and reports impact business decisions
  • Interpret and communicate widely-used financial KPIs
  • Identify the importance of financial choices and the impact on the business
  • Explain the importance of budgeting and forecasting and apply key budgeting principles
  • Connect financial analysis results with business strategies and make more informed strategic decisions

Finance professionals

  • Apply advanced Excel formulas and functions to build robust and dynamic financial models (3-statement model, DCF model, LBO model)
  • Perform scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, accretion/dilution analysis, and other advanced modeling practices
  • Conduct business valuation using different methods such as comparable company analysis, precedents transactions, and discounted cash flow
  • Apply advanced forms of financial analysis to assess the risks and benefits of an investment opportunity
  • Create insightful charts, graphs, and dashboards and build professional presentations and pitchbooks to communicate the analysis and results

Features of a teams account

SCORM files

Corporate Finance Institute eLearning content is SCORM conformant and can be played on all SCORM conformant LMS.

Whitelabel subdomain

Use your company branding across a unique subdomain. We host all training material on our LMS and provide a custom white label LMS with your branding.

Progress reports

Track employee progress through detailed reports to evaluate your employees’ engagement and the results of our corporate training programs.

Formative and summative asessments

Corporate Finance Institute quizzes and exams are designed to assess different levels of learning.

Get a free demo

We are happy to book a one-on-one demo with you or anyone from your organization to assess your corporate training program needs.
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