University Partnerships

This program is geared towards helping students break into Wall Street careers with our online course prep and certifications.

What is the University Partnership Program?

The University Partnership Program is an exclusive opportunity for select universities and colleges to access our most popular courses. We believe in providing an affordable solution to help students break into corporate finance and Wall Street careers, which is why we are able to offer special pricing.

Students will learn practical skills that pick up where classroom training leaves off. Courses include financial modeling, business valuation, sensitivity analysis, accounting, and behavioral finance.

Why enroll in the program?

Taught at investment banks and major financial institutions, the CFI University Partnership Program is designed for students seeking careers in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Corporate Finance, and Equity Research. The step-by-step program uses real examples and is designed to simulate the experience of being a financial analyst.

The program allows students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge developed within the classroom to practical applications that will be utilized in the workforce.




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